LCNG refueling stations

The LCNG filling system, using a liquid natural gas storage tank, allows vehicle filling of both liquefied and compressed natural gas on territory of one and the same station. The advantage of this system is the combination of two filling technologies (LNG and CNG) in one installation while using LNG cryogenic storage tank, thus making it independent from the natural gas grid. The installation consumes LNG from the cryogenic storage tank by the help of cryogenic pump, which compresses the LNG up to 400 bars, after that transfers it to the vaporizer, where it is being transformed from liquid to gas. During the next step, the natural gas is being odorized. This process is being accomplished before compressing of the gas in the high-pressure buffers, from where the CNG is being transferred to the vehicles by dispensers. In addition, the investment and maintenance costs of a LCNG station are by far lower than investing in 2 different stations for each filling mode (CNG & LNG). Furthermore, the operational costs, in terms of power consumption, of a LCNG fuelling station are approximately 4 times lower than those of a compressor equipped CNG fuelling station.
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