Small scale LNG plants

Our main products are the Small Scale Natural Gas Liquefaction Plants with capacity from 10 up to 250 MTD, under the original “Liquid Nitrogen Cycle” technology (LNC), which has the following advantages over its main competitor – the “Mixed Refrigerant Cycle” system (MRC):
1. Simplicity 
2. Very high safety 
3. Optimum reliability 
4. Low Investment cost 
5. Low maintenance cost 
6. Ease of operation 
7. Less operational personnel required.
MRC was developed and applied in plants with capacity of several thousand of tons per day. The standard tendency on the market is to apply the MRC cycle also for the very small liquefaction plants (below 300 metric tons/day). This approach maintains the relative low power consumption (30% less than LNC), but equally implicates still a very high investment cost and a much complicated system with all related safety hazards, and as result of this, this advantage is being offset, taking into consideration the small capacities. Besides, the issue ‘power consumption’ can be totally eliminated by installation of generator sets on natural gas.
The small scale LNG plants find application to liquefy natural gas ex pipeline from where the LNG is being transported in cryogenic vessels (usually by tank-semitrailers) and used as a source for supply of the following, off the gas network, processing facilities:
- LNG Satellite Regasification Plants
- LCNG Refueling Stations 
- LNG Cogeneration Installations

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